Hiking & Cycling. Normandy has proved to be a favourite hiking destination and there are hundreds of graded footpaths across the region which are numbered with a “GR” identification. The quiet roads are perfect for cyclists and there is a popular path which runs along the river Vire (Chemin de Halage) covering around 65km (also great for walking) which can be joined at various points along the river.

Places of Interest. Amongst the many places of interest to visit in Normandy and one of the most popular in France is Le Mont St Michel, a tiny island commune and site of an impressive tenth century Benedictine Abbey. Bayeux is home to the famous 11th century tapestry (70 metres in length) depicting events leading up to the Norman conquest of England. Also in Bayeux is the wonderfully preserved 11th Century Cathedral “Notre Dame de Bayeux”. Caen, the capital of the region is a large town with plenty of shops and restaurants, it is also home to what remains of the “Chateau de Caen” which was the palace of William The Conquerer. His birthplace was the “Chateau Guillaume le Conquerant” at Falaise which is also open for visitors. There are many other interesting sites around Normandy along with beautiful public gardens to visit, Google will help you to find your way to places that may be of particular interest to you.

War Memorials. Within Normandy there are many memorials and museums dedicated to D-Day and the ensuing battles fought for the liberation of France during WW2. There are war cemeteries throughout Normandy which are visited by many people from all over the world who come to pay their respects. More information can be found here (Commonwealth War Graves Commission) and here (American Battle Monuments Commission). The D-Day landing beaches on the north coast are a popular destination and worth a visit for reasons both historical and for their beauty, a highlight of which is the American War Cemetery and museum on Omaha Beach at Colleville-Sur-Mer. Among others, Pegasus Bridge and the nearby museum at Benouville (just outside Caen) is another place of interest for WW2 historians.

Beaches. Apart from the beautiful D-Day landing beaches in the north, the beaches along the west coast of Normandy are nothing short of breathtaking. Miles of open beaches which are often deserted can be found all along the coastline. Favourite places include Agon-Coutainville (less than one hour from La Tringale) and St-Jean-Le-Thomas if you don’t mind venturing a further 15 minutes or so.

Golf. There are many beautiful golf courses within Normandy, a 30 minute drive will take you to Omaha Beach Golf Club, a beautiful 36 hole course on the north coast .

Zoos. The zoos at Champrepus and Jurques are very charming and will appeal to animal lovers. Both zoos have feeding schedules to follow along with other attractions. In particular the white lions at Jurques are truly magnificent. From Granville on the west coast it is possible to take a ferry trip to Jersey and visit the world famous Durrell Wildlife Park.

Horse Riding. Normandy has strong links with the worldwide equine community. There are many horse riding centres to be found in Normandy and hopefully this link will provide some useful information.

Driving in France: Normandy has many open roads and scenic routes with very little traffic. Traffic will be encountered around major towns but this is comparatively minor and mainly during rush hour. The roads are a pleasure to drive and journey times are always shorter than expected because of the lack of congestion. If you are new to driving in France then please visit these sites for more information: The RAC & The AA. If we can be of any assistance with your journey to La Tringale then please do not hesitate to contact us.

A Sense Of Adventure. If you feel the urge to throw yourself from a perfectly sound tall structure to find yourself hurtling towards a river bed at great speed then a trip to Viaduc De La Souleuvre may be just what you are looking for! Amongst other things A J Hackett offer Bungee jumping and zip wire for you to fulfil your adrenalin needs. At Clecy you will find a challenging rock climb along with other activities. To see Le Mont St Michel from a different viewpoint then a flight overhead in a microlight may be just for you, click here for information.

Water Sports. If your sport involves potentially getting wet then there are a many places nearby. Inland there are sites offering activities along the river Vire, the river Orne and at Lake Dathee, and there are different water sports to be found along the west coast. Sports on offer are canoeing, kayaking, rowing, sailing, surfing, scuba diving and wind surfing.